Do You Need the Diva?
Do you hate picking paint colors?

When you walk into a paint store do you want to turn and run away?

When you pick paint colors do you feel like you're suddenly
color blind?

Does picking paint colors make you feel completely overwhelmed?

Do you have 25 different paint sample colors on your walls
and feel lost?

Have you made a paint color mistake in the past and now you're afraid to pick colors?

Do you have to paint a whole bunch of rooms in your house and you don't even know where to start?

Then you need a Color Consultant

Are you "challenged" when it comes to decorating your home?

Have you tried to make decorating decisions that have turned into decorating disasters?

Are a "left brained" person who is skilled in the office, but your right brain freezes when it has to make creative decisions?

Do you wish you could hire a decorator, but you're on a limited budget?

Have you watched shows on HGTV that decorate an entire room for under $1000 and wonder “Where are those decorators?"

Do you wish someone would just come over and help you shop on line for a few items to help pull your rooms together?

Do you wish someone could just come over and go through your stuff and help you “stage” your house and just make it look better?

Then you need a Decorating Consultant

Are your trying to sell your home?

Did your realtor tell you your house needs some updates, but you think the house is fine and don't know what she's talking about?

Did your realtor tell you your house will not sell for as much as other homes because it's not appealing to home buyers?

Has your house been on the market for a while but won't sell because it needs too much work?

Did your realtor tell you your house should look like "Pottery Barn" and you think that means to paint your front door barn red and add lots of pottery?

Do you want to make your house look as great as it can on a small budget so it can sell?

Then you need a Staging Consultant


Did you just buy a home?

Does your new home scream "I love the '80's!" and have flowered wallpaper and shiny brass everywhere and make you wonder where you left your Michael Jackson leather jacket and parachute pants?

Does your new home look like it's still stuck in a scene from “I Dream of Jeannie” with it's dark paneled walls and creepy dark kitchen?

Have you made paint mistakes in the past and now you're afraid to pick the wrong colors for you new house?

Do you have to paint every room in the house and don't know where to start?

Are you trying to figure out where to hang your pictures and put all your things from the old house into the new house?

Then you need a Decorating and Color Consultant

(remember: Happy Wife=Happy Life!)

Are you fixing up or remodeling your home?

Are you and your spouse arguing about choices and need a mediator?

Are you a do-it-yourselfer that is afraid to choose the wrong thing and wish you had a second opinion?

Are you confused about which tile or stain or paint color you should choose and wish someone could help you make a decision?

Is your contractor ready to wring your neck because you can't make up your mind?

Did you do a huge renovation, made 100 decisions and now you can't possibly even think about picking paint colors?!?

Then you need a Decorating and Color Consultant!

If you answered YES to any of the above... then you need the PAINT DIVA!!

What's a Decorating Consultant?
A Decorating Consultant helps people decorate their homes on a limited budget. They give people ideas and direction, and then the home owners are on their own to make it happen. Interior Designers tend to work with clients who have large budgets and can afford to buy all new custom furniture and window treatments.

A Decorating Consultant is a decorator for people with “champagne taste on a beer pocketbook” who need help pulling things together intheir home, but they're on a limited budget.

A consultant does NOT do design layouts, or design kitchens and bathrooms. They do NOT stay on the job for months, but rather come in for about an hour or two and visualize your home in a new way, and gives ideas. Then the home owner is on their own.

A consultant DOES help to creatively visualize your home in a new way, help you make decisions and break up arguments between homeowners. It's a creative person with Interior Design experience that helps people pick out paint colors and come up with quick, easy, cheap ways to update their homes on a budget.
What's a Staging Consultant?

Someone who stages homes will usually supply furniture and decorate a home to sell. If you've ever gone to view a new home development, you probably toured a "spec home" that was completely furnished. It was designed to make you walk in and say "Wow! I want to buy this house!". A decorating consultant will not supply furniture. A staging consultant gives ideas and vision to homeowners so they can do it themselves.

If you are trying to sell your home, you need to make it appeal to a new home buyer. A staging consultant will help the homeowners see their homes in a new way that will appeal to potential home buyers. A consultant will come in and tell you what needs to stay, and what needs to go, and tell you how to update your home quickly and cheaply to make it appeal to a new home buyer. Cindy, The Paint Diva, will work with your furniture, and offer suggestions to help you get the most value for your home. Because she works in a paint store, she knows which paint colors are the most popular and appeal to home buyers. She works every day with people who have just bought a home and knows what they seem to complain about, and what they like. So if you're trying to sell your home, she'll know how to make that happen!

What's a Color Consultant?
Quite simply, a color consultant helps people pick paint colors. She is the one who will help you so you don't waste precious time and money on hundreds of paint samples! They have an eye for color and can match colors and see if a color will be a little too yellow or green, and suggest the right colors for your home. They'll tell you which colors will or will not work, and why. Basically, they can look at all the colors you're considering and say "no, no, no, no, no, YES! That one!" Part of her job is to follow decorating trends, and she knows which colors are top sellers and the most popular. So, if you're selling your home she has a good idea of what will appeal to a potential buyer.

When she picks colors for the home she's going to pick colors that will complement your décor, and if you’re painting several rooms, she’ll pick colors that all flow, and have the same feel and under tones so that each room will compliment each other.
Do You Need the Paint Diva?