Paint Diva Client Photos
Exterior Color Consults
This is a shore house that used to be peach. I gave them 3 color options, and after a family vote they picked the one that was "Outside the box" ! The house was ruined during Superstorm Sandy.

Stay tuned for the new makeover coming soon!

Here are some great "Before and Afters" of exterior colors by the Diva.
Before                                  After
 Above (Before): This color is too light because the house is visually broken
into 3 sections: roof, shingles, stone.

Below (Before): Again, a short house is broken into two sections;
Roof and White house.
Above (After): The house now looks twice as big by blending with the stone!
Also the shutters are a nice dark brown to match the roof.

Below (After): It appears taller because the house blends better with the roof.
Above (Before): The brown trim made the roof take over the house.
The whole look is heavy and dated.
Above (After): The white trim lifted up the house, creating the look of a "brow lift". The shutters were also lightened up to a light red due to the red in the roof.

Div-ine Color Consults Before and Afters
Before                                             After

Diva-lightful Colors! 
"After" photos only, no "Before" photos.
Bathrooms Kitchens
The kitchen above painted their cabinets as well as the walls. We went with a dark brown on the bottom and white on the top. The walls are Vale Mist.

Adult Bedrooms Kid's Bedrooms
This bedroom below had very orange, knotty pine on the walls.
We painted it all white with Beach Glass above for a light, airy feel.
Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Family Rooms, Sunrooms etc.

Staging Consults

Thank you for Paint Color Recommendations !
Dear Cindy - Your paint color recommendations were terrific. My home received multiple offers within days ! Thanks again
Before and After the Diva!
This house was loaded with too much color, and too much wallpaper! We toned it all down but notice we did NOT paint the whole house beige! (They painted everything I suggested except for the kitchen cabinets. I would have liked them painted.) Other than that, the whole house turned out great. As luck would have it, a couple months later I met the new home owners who bought this house. They were shocked when I showed them what their house used to look like. They said if the house still looked like the "before" pictures, they never would have bought the house.
Foyer Before Foyer After
Kitchen Before Kitchen After
Dining Room Before Dining Room After
Bathroom Before Bathroom After
Boy's Bedroom Before                Boy's Bedroom After
Girl's Bedroom Before Girl's Bedroom After
    Master Bedroom Before      Master Bedroom After
More color staging SOLD!

Div-inely Inspired Decor
Decorating Consults

Sometimes people need help with more than just paint colors for the walls.
Either they're overwhelmed with too many decisions to make when remodeling,
or they just feel they don't have a flare for decorating.

The Small Stuff
Occasionally after a room is painted clients have me come back to stage their homes that are NOT for sale. I enjoy rearranging their accessories.
Above: I helped the homeowner rearrange her bookshelves. She had 2 of everything, and had the items lined up too evenly...2 plates, 2 dogs, 2 books,
everything lined up straight in a row. I helped her see things differently.

Below: This home is owned by a bachelor who had no clue what to do with his shelves.
He lined up his golf trophies up in a row. He sent me to HomeGoods (Yippee!) and I bought items for him and arranged them on his shelves.
Kitchen Remodels
Here I consulted on cabinets, tile, lighting, etc. Usually my job is to settle negotiations between a husband and wife,
or just to relieve stress from clients who are having trouble making decisions.
Before After
The kitchen below had no structural changes. We painted the cabinets and changed the appliances and backsplash.
The kitchen below was remodeled completely with paint for under $500. Visit my Diva TV page to see the video of how it was done.
Living Rooms
I love to have clients remodel their old fireplaces and add bookcases and trim.
Before                                             After
The house below fits every category! First I went for a paint color consult for every room in the house,
which turned into a design consult and we talked about resale value.
As a result they remodeled the fireplace and added window seats and new window treatments.
The goal was to eventually sell the house, and today the sign on the front lawn reads "SOLD"!
Before                                             After

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