How Does the Diva Do What She Does?

Diva History
For 15 years Cindy painted murals and faux finishes in restaurants, libraries, schools and in some of the most beautiful homes in NJ; primarily in Summit, New Providence, Short Hills, Chatham, Basking Ridge and Bernardsville, NJ. She worked with several high end Interior Designers, but when she began to get overloaded with too much work, she went off on her own working through client referrals.(see more murals on the photos page) After years of lugging paint cans, ladders and climbing up scaffolds, coming home to 4 kids exhausted and covered in paint, she decided it was time to retire her brushes! Cindy knew the faux finish fad would soon wear off and it did. But she still loved to help people decorate their homes and had a talent for seeing color and working with paint.
Working with Designers who charged thousands of dollars for custom furnishings and window treatments helped her realize there are many, many people who need decorating help, but don't necessarily need the full design service of an Interior Designer. So she began working at McGrath’s Paint and Hardware as their Decorating and Color Consultant helping people pick paint colors and matching colors in the store, meeting hundreds of people who need a little design help. Now she goes to people's homes to help pick paint colors and make quick design decisions.

How does the Diva know her colors?

While working as a mural artist and faux finisher her job for 15 years was to paint rooms and match colors. As a “Trompe L'Oeil Artist” she painted things to “fool the eye”. For instance: One home owner remodeled her bathroom covering the walls with tumbled marble. But she didn't like how the white, plastic switch plate covers looked, so Cindy painted them to look just like the marble and blend in. To do that, she had to look at the beige tile, then use her paint and add a little pink, a little green etc. to get it to match. She not only had to match the texture, but the color as well. In the store people bring in tiny chips of paint that they're trying to match and usually the computer can't do the job, so she matches the colors.
Many people go through lots of sample jars and can't figure out why a color doesn't work. Cindy's years as an artist enable her to look at a shade of beige and know immediately that it's too pink, or too yellow. If customers come in and say a color of beige looks great in the store, but when they get it home it looks off, she solves the problem. If people just don't have any idea what they want, she'll explain which colors will work, which ones won't and narrow down the choices. She also has books full of magazine pictures matched to Benjamin Moore paint colors that customers can browse to find some inspiration.

Where did the "Paint Diva" name come from?

Cindy wishes she could take credit for the name, but she didn't make it up. One day when she was working at McGrath's, a woman came in, looked at her and said "So, you're the Paint Diva". A little taken aback, Cindy asked if she was confusing her with someone else. The woman said "Oh no, all the women in Summit call you that. Everyone knows you're here and they all send their friends to come see the Paint Diva".
Cindy was concerned the word "Diva" implied maybe she had an attitude, and the woman said "Oh no, it's a compliment. It means you know your stuff!" After years of painting murals and faux finishes, Cindy knows the best advertising is word of mouth. All her business was done through client referrals. So she was very happy to hear that not only is everyone referring their family and friends to come see her, they even made up a cute nickname for her!

Now that her reputation has spread, she's been called everything from "The Paint Guru" to "The Paint Whisperer" and people daily walk into the store saying "Ah, my Savior!" and "Oh, thank God you're here! I can't pick paint colors anymore without you!"
But "The Paint Diva" is still her favorite. Besides it makes a really cute name for a website! :-)
Do You Need the Paint Diva?